The KidScience app was created in partnership between the Kitchen Pantry Scientist and CS Web Concepts & Design.  We wanted to bring science to your finger tips with this fun, educational app.

About Our Creator – Liz 

Liz Heinecke has an M.S. in Bacteriology and an undergraduate degree in art.  After doing medical research for ten years, she now stays at home in Minnesota with her three kids, culturing more germs than ever!

Science can be as easy as baking. On www.kitchenpantryscientist.com, Liz encourages parents to open their kitchen cabinets, stir up some science with their kids, and feed those hungry minds.

Currently, she’s serving as an Earth Ambassador for NASA and working with the Science Museum of Minnesota to educate people about climate science. If you live in the Twin Cities, you can find her doing science once a month on Kare11’s morning news. In her spare time, she teaches microbiology, writes, sings and plays electric bass in a garage band.


About Our Tech Guru – Cindy

Cindy Schaller founded CS Web Concepts & Design. She loves technology.  But not the way you think.  She’s not the geeky techie that giggles over ones and zeroes. She is all about putting technology to practical use to make your life easier – making technology work for you.

Cindy has well over a decade of programming experience specializing in Ruby on Rails, project management and overall web site development. When not chained to the computer, Cindy loves to be outside—water skiing on the Mississippi, biking, occassionally golfing and growing vegetables for homemade salsa and sauces. Some typically not-so-techno hobbies.